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Monday at the Movies

As a human being who happens to live north of the 49th parallel and has served with many, many American service personnel I am absolutely blown away at the utter disregard some people have for the safety and security of their young people. I do not understand how anyone could let their right to bear arms, etc., trump the life of a child because they couldn’t secure their firearms. To let a business dictate how you run your country is absolutely amazing.


You know, one thing I’ve never understood were the religions that sacrificed their young people to propitiate some deity.  I don’t understand those deities and I don’t under stand those religions and I don’t understand the parents who went along with those sacrifices.

And I don’t understand it in America, today.  We keep sacrificing our innocent babies, and our precocious preteens, and our beautiful young men and women on the altar of Patriarchy’s adoration of the the deity of guns.  I may not be in a position to judge ancient societies and why they did what they did, but I am exquisitely placed to judge our society and, like Emma Gonzalez, I call BS on the evil priests of the NRA who keep cutting  the beating hearts out of our children and throwing them on the alter of evil.

We have a choice that perhaps parents (and friends, and brothers…

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for the Steampunk in all of us.

Women and Words

A Splendid Day Out 020618 (20) Eric Morecambe’s statue

Right now, steampunks in the UK are spoiled for choice with a veritable plethora of events taking place every weekend for much of the year. In the main, I confine myself to goings-on in and around West Yorkshire, but occasionally I venture further afield. Various friends had advised me to try at least one day of the twice yearly ‘A Splendid Day Out’ in Morecambe on the Lancashire coast. Having never so much as passed through the town, I decided that a visit on the first Saturday in June would make the perfect birthday treat to myself. The town is known for many things, not least of them as being the birthplace of Eric Morecambe, whose statue I visited first after arriving somewhat early thanks to the vagaries of Northern Rail.

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Family, community and life couldn’t be better


One thing I found lacking while growing up was the lack of exposure to different sports. It was n grade nine that I started getting out of my comfort zone and playing sports. I was, of course, limited to school sports. I thrived in the environment though and made some amazing lifelong friends, as well as gained confidence and a quiet resolve that I didn’t know I had.

Fast forward a few years. I’m in my final year of University and my friend convinces me to go check out a “weightlifting club.” I went in not knowing what to expect but I was filled with fear and bravery and I was introduced to a new passion and love. I previously didn’t know what weightlifting was (or “olympic weightlifting”) but after training at Olympic Power and Fitness in Edmonton, I became hooked. I started posted videos on my social media and…

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I have read 3 of the 6 (Little Dip, AmberEye and Unexpected) and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Women and Words

A reader’s perspective on making hard decisions. 

This month Ann Etter started off the Reader’s Perspective with an awesome blog on favorites. Awesome because, well it’s Ann and everything she does is awesome, but also because she actually narrowed her extensive list of book’s read into a list of favorites!! (Check it out here!) Not only did she blog about it, she did a guest show on The Lesbian Talk show and shared again! (check that out here!) For me, the idea was such an intimidating one, that I passed on listing mine last week. This week, though, I think I found a cheat around. Instead of choosing a list of favorites from all the LesFic I have read over the years, I thought I would highlight a list from the books I’ve read so far this year. How hard could that be right? HARD! Seriously! But alas…

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Head chef Sophia Carter talks to DIVA about her experience of cyberbullying

Source: Real life: “I was bullied online for being an androgynous lesbian”

Where Do You Stand?

I stand on the side of those in my LGBTQ community. I stand on the side of women who need a voice. I am on the side of the kids in the neighborhood that play with my grandchildren in our yard. I am on the side of teachers everywhere who struggle each day to do the job they love despite the misery and poor pay. I am on the side of the dreams I have for my daughter’s family.



I’m not a fan of the people who are always warning that X is simply a distraction from Y, which is their issue and, as a result, the REAL issue.  I’m a woman, a mom, and a lawyer and I know how to multitask as easily as I breathe.

But I do stop from time to time to remember where I stand.

I am on the side of the trees, and the mycelia that link them all across the landbase.  I am on the side of the streams, the watershed, and the Potomac River.  I am on the side of the foxes, the chipmunks, and the fireflies.  I am on the side of ocean waves and cats, both of which swirl around our ankles and remind us what a gorgeously sensuous planet this is.  I am on the side of honeysuckle, morning fog, and lilacs.  And peonies.  I am on…

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Hopefully I will be able to see it.


“I ask no favors for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”

–Ruth Bader Ginburg, quoting abolitionist and feminist Sarah Grimke.

Thus opens the new documentary, RBG, about Supreme Court Associate Justice and tiny badass Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Thanks to my volunteer work with the local Democratic party, I was invited to watch a special screening of the movie at the local arthouse movie theater last night.


Go see it.

RBG was one of only nine women in her class at Harvard Law School. She was accused of the same thing that HRC was faced with a generation later: taking a seat from a, presumably, more deserving man. Except she made law review in her second year, which means she was in the top 25 students out of a class of more than 500 people, of which over…

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The thought that my daughter missed out on the things I grew up with but also knowing that in some cases she had more experiences than I did make me happy and a bit sad. That her children have a wonderful mix of both of our experiences is even better. Memories are a powerful thing. Dream hopefully will make wonderful memories.


I went home this weekend, for the first time since Christmas. I didn’t realize how long it had been until I drove up, headlights bunching along dusty rez roads, and I saw my parent’s house come into view. Their vehicles were in the front, as well as my Uncle’s truck. The living room curtains were open, and I could see my Uncle sitting there, laughing with his head thrown back. Plaid jacket. Baseball cap. I knew there would be a coffee cup in hand.

I’ve been off-reserve since I was eighteen, on and off, and still – this is home.


Raising a child off-reserve, I often think about how she is going to walk through this world. Don’t get me wrong – all of what is currently known as Canada is Indigenous land. Growing up Urban will not and does not make her less Indian. I’m raising a Dene…

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I find myself in agreement with this summation ‘a favorite book can be a matter of the season, or a matter of my mood, or just what happens to be prominent in my brain at the moment.’ I do nut understand how anyone can have just one favorite. There are so many books to love and I love 95% of those I have read, both lesbian and mainstream.

Women and Words

Today a friend texted me: Random question, what is your favorite book?

My immediate thought was, “Favorite book?! I don’t have a favorite book. I have a hundred books I love.”

For me, a favorite book can be a matter of the season, or a matter of my mood, or just what happens to be prominent in my brain at the moment. It turns out she needed a recommendation for a book game she was playing, similar to the Lesfic Bingo Jae set up ( The most recent Book Bingo blog is about favorites. I ended up giving my friend a short list of mainstream books I have loved over the years. I think she will end up choosing Erin Morganstern’s The Night Circus.

“Favorite” has come up a few times recently. A couple of weeks ago Sheena Lemos Ebersohn asked me if she could chat with me on her…

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The ignorance and intolerance of the so called Christian community, whether it is fundamentalist/evangelical or not, is absolutely mind boggling. So many youth in the US commit suicide and suffer from mental health issues in part because they have no recourse or ability to reach out due to the antiquated, fear mongering. They are not homophobic because they do not fear they are assholes hiding behind a book of fairy tales and they refuse to question to learn.

Women and Words

Well, gang, I told you this campaign experience would probably give me lots more to write to you about and I was right. maxresdefault

Last week, a local school board announced an addition to its anti-discrimination policy that would allow students to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity. The school board decision was an effort to comply with state law and to provide an inclusive environment for transgender students attending their school. The board sent a letter out to parents explaining the policy in the middle of May, indicating the change would take affect next school year. 

It didn’t take long for things to get ugly. A call went out over social media for those against the school board’s decision to descend upon the next meeting to express outrage. They decided to wear green to identify opposition to the policy. 

This particular district has the…

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