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large swimming rats or not this Cdn still loves the song. 🙂

saxon bennett

Layce and I were listening to Captain and Tennille on vinyl. We were way old schooling it. I was just coming into an appreciation of C and T. There’s a lot more to them as musicians and singers than I had heretofore realized—a bit of jazz, a bit of blues, Toni’s vocal range and all that. But I’ve always had an issue with Muskrat Love.


Tonight I gave it an honest listen.  I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the lyrics. I looked over at Layce, who was knitting and listening contentedly.  “Do you think Muskrat Love is really about muskrats or does it have a deeper meaning? Is it a euphemism for the vagaries of love?”

“I have no idea. I just like the song,” she said, not looking up from her knit and purl thing.

“I’m going to look it up.” Oh, the dangers of instant knowledge…

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LGBTQ. Simplified.

Stud for Stud (s4s) are Masculine Identified Women (MIW) who date/have sex with other MIW’s. There are varying degrees of masculinity, from stone butches to switches/versatile, to feminine bois. There are studs who not only date other studs but femmes as well and there are a few like me who ONLY date studs or trans men, so we come in ALL flavors/styles/combinations. There is no set “mold” for an s4s relationship. We are all unique. Although the term s4s is a relatively new term, let me clarify for the record that butch on butch love has been around FOREVER, it just hasn’t been as visible in lesbian communities of color (black & latino). With that being said I’m gonna write about s4s from the perspective of a MIW of color.

Dating can be difficult and overwhelming in general, but imagine trying…

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How To Be Idle and Blessed



This week has felt really, really hard – California is on fire, Puerto Rico is starving to death with no clean water and apparently it’s not FEMA’s job to help them, bros left and right are blaming Hillary Clinton for Harvey Weinstein’s sexual crimes, the “dirtbag” left still thinks rape is super funny, No-me-KEY Konst is still on the increasingly inaccurately named Democratic “unity” commission despite this, the Women’s March decided that St. Bernard of the Snows would be the best possible way to open their bullshit Women’s Convention in Detroit later this month, so-called President Trump is still the so-called President, I rode the bus home Tuesday night with a guy who spent the whole ride sitting there LOUDLY telling his buddy about all these men he knows who’ve hit women and injured them badly (in two of his stories, the male abusers broke the women’s…

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As @mrswhatsit9 noted, this has been a painful week.  In addition to many other problems, this week — after all of our phone calls (I called every single day, for months. and I know that many of you did the same) and other efforts convinced the Senate NOT to take away healthcare — Trump, as dictator, went ahead and took healthcare away from millions of Americans.  It hurt.  It was intended to hurt, to discourage, to make us feel powerless, to make us give up.  I’m a breast cancer survivor.  So any re-occurrence, even now, 20 years later (thank you very much), will be a “pre-existing condition” that insurance won’t cover.  I’ll simply have to choose palliative care (aka opioids) and hope to die before I run through all my assets and — full disclosure — I will retire with more assets than most Americans.  So if this is tragic for me…

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In response to the accusations that have come to light concerning Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment of so many women, there has been a social media campaign for other women to tell their stories.  Identified by the hashtag #metoo , the point of the movement is to make clear how pervasive this problem is in the lives of most women.  And there’s a hope that when men see that this happens to their mothers, grandmothers, co-workers, wives, daughters, etc. — and not just to some actress who was “asking for it” by wanting to, you know, get a job — that they’ll take action to stop to it.  For many women, simply telling this truth about their lives has been empowering, if also, in some cases, a bit scary.

Yet, today, social media filled up with guys performing several variations of “not all men” and “all lives matter.”  I watched one…

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I miss the library index cards

saxon bennett

Em came out of her black hole of a room with her new gauges in her ear. They’re neon pink and you can see through her ear lobes. I peered though. Layce’s head looks tiny on the other side. “How’d you get them in?” I asked.

I saw Layce roll her eyes and exhale heavily. It’s what she does when I’ve asked a question of that will inevitably require a long explanation.

Em launched into her explanation, “They didn’t come with instructions. I tried to put them in and they wouldn’t go so I looked it up on YouTube. Here, let me pull up the video and then you’ll know how to do it. You know, if you ever want to do it.”

I looked over at Layce who is hunkered down, intently reading, like her book is a blanket draped over her head, making her invisible. It didn’t work.

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A Love Letter to Hillary

Even this Canadian misses listening to her and her intelligence.


Hillary Clinton, The White House, Washington DC, December 1993

Dear Hillary,

Tuesday morning, I was facing a longer than usual subway ride, so I thought: “Let’s see what’s the latest in Podcast World.” Scrolling through my subscriptions, I noticed a brand new episode of Pod Save America titled “Hillary Clinton.”

“Cool,” I thought. “The guys are going to talk about her new book. I wonder what they’ll have to say.”

And then….it wasn’t them talking ABOUT you. Dan, Tommy, and the Jons were talking WITH you.

You have no idea how happy I was to hear your voice and your marvelous, infectious, full body, from-the-belly, guffaw of a laugh.

I’ve missed you so.

The past 10 months have been hard. It feels like we’re invisible.

“We” who?

The millions of people who voted for you, believe in your message and your ability to Get Shit Done, support you with all our hearts, and love you still.

The media produces…

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Nintendo fans that scrambled to get the NES and SNES mini are getting some good news today. After last year’s short window for grabbing the NES Classic closed with many people never getting a chance to buy one, Nintendo is making new shipments for the console, starting in 2018.

The company also mentioned that it intends to release more SNES Classic consoles as well, citing that “fans have shown their unbridled enthusiasm for these Classic Edition systems, so Nintendo is working to put many more of them on store shelves.”

SNES Classics came with their own difficulties, as many scalpers set up bots to grab them as soon as they became available. Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, earlier this week warned fans against “over-bidding” on auction sites, promising that Nintendo would dramatically increase production of the SNES Classic.

As of now, there’s no hard dates on either of…

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Very well said. This is definitely a book I will be purchasing.


DI7cLqfWsAAHuguNB:  While I’m happy to have discussions in my comments section, I’ve already deleted several comments that repeat Russian bot talking points and slurs that have long been discredited.  I’ll delete any others that appear.  There’s actual research about who voted for Clinton in the primaries and the general, what words she used most in her speeches, what policies she advocated, etc.  Your irrational hatred for Hillary Clinton simply demonstrates your unconscious sexism.  Please take it elsewhere.  Thanks in advance.

Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened is due to be released September 12th, but some passages have already leaked.  One, in particular, has gotten a lot of press.  You can read it above.  Headlines such as “Clinton Blasts Sanders” make it sound as if she says terrible things about him.  Of course, any time a woman says anything less than adulatory about a man, she’s being a shrew and a bitch, she’s castrating him, she’s “blasting” him…

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a good giggle

saxon bennett

“We got evicted,” my mother said, hauling her suitcase through the front door.  My cousin, her sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law followed her in with their luggage. Evidently, evicted as well.  We were having a women-only reunion in Kelowna, B.C. at my cousin Leslie’s house. Half the crew was staying down the street at a Bed and Breakfast. Or rather they had been.

“This isn’t about that thing at the border?” I asked my mother quietly.

“No, love, we’d have been deported, not evicted,” my mother said. She patted my shoulder. “It’s fine.”

“What thing at the border?” Leslie asked.

I looked at my mother. She was unpacking her knitting. I lowered my voice, “We told the border guard that we weren’t leaving anything behind in Canada. Then my mom had an IBS attack and was forced to leave her underpants in the Canadian restroom. I’ve been concerned ever since.”

2017 vacations and garden pix 064


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