So everyone, how many of us have talked about, read about or shaken our heads about how long it is taking the governments of the world to get it through their collective heads that this world needs to start utilizing more eco-friendly energy. I know I for one have realized that the people of this country have been talking about it for a decade or so. Now guess what Ottawa is spending money they don’t need to spend to find out how we all feel about green energy. I know a lot of people in this country didn’t vote the last federal election because the only one worth voting for was Jack Layton and there wasn’t a hope in hell of the NDP winning a federal election but did those of you who voted Tory really have to. I always said that when I don’t vote in the federal elections then I have no right to complain but jesus frigging murphy how stupid are the people we put into parliament.

Tories to spend $240,000 on clean energy polls

Sun. Jul 11 – 8:06 AM

MONTREAL — Ottawa is spending $240,000 to conduct polls on how Canadians feel about green energy.

Meanwhile, renewable-energy producers complain their industry is in jeopardy because it lacks funding.

Documents obtained by The Canadian Press indicate that Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis recently signed off on a plan to conduct extensive public-opinion research on issues ranging from the clean-energy economy to the Energy Star symbol seen on household appliances.

The plan was finalized in the weeks after the federal budget, which had raised the ire of environmental groups for what they perceived as a paltry level of funding for green-energy projects.