There has to come a point in a person’s life where they have to start taking responsibility for their actions. Obviously Michael Kandola isn’t at that point yet. This “supposedly” grown man sucker punched someone broke their jaw, screamed “faggots” and “fucking homosexual” at a couple walking together on the street. What makes this completely absurd is that the punch and the screaming was caught on video. I suppose in Michael’s narrow-minded homophobic world it is only a hate crime if Jordan Smith had sucker punched him then started screaming “straight,” “fucking heterosexual” at him but Jordan didn’t.

                                                Convicted Vancouver gaybasher says hate crime designation ‘unfair’
                                                                                             by Jeremy Hainsworth

The man convicted of gaybashing Jordan Smith in 2008 is appealing his conviction and its hate crime designation.
Michael Kandola pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm on March 31 and was sentenced on April 30 to 17 months in prison. Justice Joel Groves found the attack was motivated by hate.

Minus five months for time served, it meant Kandola would spend a year behind bars.

However, in documents filed in the BC Court of Appeal on June 24, Kandola is appealing his sentence on the grounds that it is “unreasonable and unfair in all of the circumstances” and that the credit given for time served while awaiting sentencing was incorrectly calculated.

Groves’ finding that the assault “was a crime motivated by hate against an identifiable group, namely homosexuals, is unreasonable and cannot be supported by the evidence,” Kandola claims in his appeal.

Smith and his boyfriend, Charles McKay, were walking up Davie St holding hands in September 2008 when they heard taunts of “Faggots!” and “What the fuck is this?” from a group of men behind them.

Kandola was caught on video sucker-punching Smith, who fell to the sidewalk unconscious, his jaw broken.

Kandola can also be seen in the video standing over the prone Smith screaming. Witnesses say he was yelling “fucking homo!” and “faggot!”

Groves called the assault “vicious” and “senseless.”

“Hatred is a motivation in this crime,” the judge ruled. “There is no other explanation for what happened on that date.”