My sister said it was 15 years ago that I came out of the closet and embraced the life that I was meant to live I thought it was 13 yrs. I suppose you could say that I lived in a rose-colored bubble for a few years after that point in time and to be honest I am glad I did for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is that it gave me time to learn how to live as a lesbian woman instead of as the straight woman I hid behind for so long. You might not realize it if you have never lived hidden away from who you are but there are a lot of adjustments to make. If you were lucky like I was you didn’t experience any inner homophobia or problems with ignorant, bigoted individuals who tried to pass it off as a phase in your life or made you feel that as if you didn’t belong. I had the wonderful guidance and friendship of a great group of women who made coming out a fantastic experience.  I believed that I could live the way I wanted which I have. That I would not be judged which I haven’t been and that I had all the rights/privileges that everyone else in my country has. They did let me know along the way that this wasn’t how it was but it was something that I believed because as far as I could see it is what was right and just.

I must say that I was extremely disappointed in my country when there was such a stink raised because the LGBT community was finally allowed what others had taken for granted. After all I am a good person I don’t purposefully hurt anyone. I give as much as I can to anyone who needs it if I have what is needed. I will forgive anyone anything, no I’m not on cheap drugs, I honestly do just ask some of the people who know they’ll tell you. So if I did unto others as I would have them do unto me then why was I being denied the same rights and privileges as the rest of my country. Then a miracle like this headline was seen in multiple papers throughout the world and the faith in my fellow Canadians and their sense of fairness was restored. I am by law allowed marry who I wish and I am entitled to the same rights as a heterosexual couple. This is as it should be.

The sorriest thing in the world is that there are still people in this world that fear us, hate us, and believe that we are second class citizens who do not deserve the same things they are entitled to. That people like myself are an abomination and that we should be jailed or worse. These types of headlines are a sight for sore eyes but we shouldn’t have to see them. There is a wonderful document in the United States it is called the The Declaration of Independence and it clearly states that : We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of  Happiness.  I’d say that this sentence alone should tell everyone that what we want is our right and no one is entitled to take those rights away. I may still be living in a rose-colored bubble but it finally looks as if someone else is finally starting to believe this is true.

Washington D C’s highest court rejects challenge to gay marriage

By Jessica Geen • July 15, 2010

Washington DC’s highest court has rejected a challenge against the district’s equal marriage law.

Same-sex marriage was legalised in the district in March but opponents wanted to put an initiative on the ballot asking voters to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

City officials refused it, saying it would break a district human rights law against discrimination.

Today, AP reports that the Court of Appeals ruled 5-4 that officials acted correctly in refusing to place the measure on the ballot.

When the law came into effect, opponents attempted a last-minute appeal to block the law but this was declined by the US Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts did not address the legal issues involved but instead said that such decisions should be taken by local courts.

He also declined a request for a referendum on gay marriage.