evading the hands of sleep

those grasping claws that sink

in to my unknowing mind

locking me in to that world

where you run free rein

through my dreams.

not seeing you but knowing

you are there.

the changes in my body

that ony you bring about

leave me weary, yet tender

to the touch.

as unfulfilled as in the

daylight hours. moving through

my day with painful awareness.

of what I cannot see but

knowing you were there touching me.

wanting more, unable

to separate that part of me

that is yours, so that I

may try to love another.

a restful sleep away

from my memories.

so tired from the ache

that echoes through my heart

each day and the overwhelming

need to feel your fingers touch me.

re-igniting the fire that has

not dampened in its ferocity.

that hungrily eats at my core

ebbing, flowing as the ocean’s tide.

my eyes refuse to close

so that I may rest

knowing if they do

I will be dragged willingly, but not,

to the theatre of my dreams.

a play where my skin sees what my eyes cannot.

you are not visible

but I know you are there.