Completeness when I see you,

when you are near.

Completeness when I see you, when you are near. The need to put my arms around you and hold you to my heart so that the pain will ease. An analgesic to soothe the aches that constantly beat at me until I see you again even knowing that I will never be able to hold you as nothing more than a friend. You make my heart glad, my soul whole and free. The littlest glance, gentle touch or even a playful slap in the ass that makes my clit throb with want. What a fun few hours that was until the feeling became a memory. I play at living, never really involved nor seeing. The only thing keeping me here in this city is my small family. I would gladly tuck my tail between my legs and return to Ontario just so that I can drown out the thought of you that invades my mind and soul each day. No one comes close to you in my dreams or in my life and I will always love you this I know. I am a half heart and I wish you knew me and felt the same.