If I sob as my heart dictates will it echo back thru the years of my life before rebounding thru my soul flashing my lonely life on a movie screen for all to see. A black and white parody of life as I know it. A comedy of errors, a Shakespearean sonnet of love, heartache and dreams pulled asunder. Being alone with myself I had discovered all of the idiosyncrasies that make up my person. I know loneliness, quiet, peace of mind yet since I met you and learned that there such a thing as love at first sight I cannot find that place within me that holds the ease I found with myself all those years ago. There is no more peace, happiness with the quiet, or spark that lights up my morning so that I may see all the good, the hidden little bits of life that made my eyes restlessly search each nook and cranny that I found bringing a smile to my face at this new thing I had found. There is no one to share the joy I had found with life. No one to share soft, slow, toe curling kisses with. I cannot love another because my love, my body, my soul was yours, made for you to love and it always leaves me with nothing to give anyone else.