One of the skills most abusers posses is the ability to slip context without being noticed.

So, here’s what I mean.

You come home from the store, within budget, with everything on the list.  You actually managed to get a few of the items on sale and to cash in one or two coupons and you’re feeling pretty good. And, then, unloading the items, he comes to the magazine.  You know, the one thing you bought that was not on the list.  And he goes ballistic.  And, then, a few weeks later, you come home from the mall, having bought, on sale, a dress for his sister’s wedding.  You came in under the budget he gave you and he actually likes the dress.  And, then, he comes across the CD.  You know, the CD that he didn’t give you permission to buy, because you didn’t ask permission, because you didn’t…

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