I don’t grow peonies, although I have always been madly in love with them.  I don’t get the right sun.  But, just now, peonies are blooming all over my northern Virginia neighborhood, and I stop at every neighbor’s yard and do homage.

Do you grow peonies?

I used to go most Sundays to the Dupont Circle farmers’ market and there was a man there who sold, at this time of year, peonies.  He told me once that he had a client down in North Carolina who paid him to ship peonies to her, tightly budded, and that she would then sketch them as they opened.

Sometimes, when my own life is too mad with briefs needing editing, and cases needing reading, and people who want attention, and beds that need weeding, and napkins that need ironing, and Goddesses and Gods who want attention, and a landbase that demands relationship —…

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