So, let me say this about Mike Pence, current Vice President of the United States.

He’s a complete dirtbag.

He is woman-hating, closet-case gay persecutor who’s behind the State Department denying visas to gay men fleeing murder in Chechnya, a misery-encourager, a shit-sack of a Xian.  (Do NOT “no-true-Scotsman” me or I will fuck you up.  I have a law degree and I know how to  use it.)  He


as easily as you or I blink our eyes, and he — this is pretty creepy — won’t have a meal alone with a woman and he calls his own wife “Mother,” (and I’m not a woman normally given to judging anyone else’s kinks, but, eweeewww.)  At exactly the point where

“>The Handmaid’s Tale

begins and City of Refuge takes off, that’s where Mike Pence orgasms.  And Mike Pence is in so deep into the Trump administration’s lies about Russia…

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