Kathy Pollitt has written an important article that drives home some of the points about which I’ve been posting since the election.  It’s not long and you really owe it to yourself to read the whole thing.

Ms. Pollitt notes the by-now-cliched articles we keep reading about white working-class Trump supporters.  (She makes the important point that most of Trump’s supporters   weren’t out-of-work coal miners or auto factory workers.  They were people making $70,000/year who were racist, sexist, and xenophobic.)  She then takes on the familiar trope that it’s those mean Democrats being mean  that literally forces these poor, decent, racists to vote for the racist candidate:

Just within the last few weeks, the New Republic had Michael Tomasky deploring “elite liberal suspicion of middle America” for such red-state practices as churchgoing and gun owning and The New York Times had Joan Williams accusingDemocrats of impugning the…

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