01 Jan 2018

Re-learning old skills that have been left on a shelf for over 40yrs is not an easy task as some of you may well know. As part of my ever evolving life I have decided it is time to dust off the skills I purposefully ignored while raising my daughter and just living life. I have included part of the warm up skills I did started to do just as a reminder that I should never get to full of myself because I to sucked when I started. Whether re-learning the skills I lost will be possible is another story altogether.

I will also, as part of this journey towards reclaiming the joy of creating drawings of whatever turns my fancy, be working on a 365 day journal. I will be working in a very good book called A Daily Creativity Journal 365 by Noah Scalin. It has a prompt for every day requiring you to create something using whatever medium is stated which should be fun since I haven’t done anything like that since high school. As part of my journey through his book I want to do a daily project like Noah did. He created a skull-a-day. Although sugar skulls intrigue me I think I’ll try for something a little different. You can chose a subject or medium to work in. I am going to try using owls as my subject using a variety of mediums. This should be interesting and more than likely a little messy but I have to start using up some of the crafts stuff I have hoarded away over the years since I stopped making jewelry. A beaded owl sounds interesting.

Why am I putting this work on my blog? Well, I had reservations on doing so because lets fact it people on the internet for the most part are pretty decent but some unfortunately are a hateful bunch of pricks. But eventually I figured if someone see what I am doing and learns something from it then that is great. If someone else decides that being hateful is there lot in life then I can only say I hope karma visits them soon and your ignorance is wasted on someone who really doesn’t care what you think. Being who you are and enjoying what you do, learning to do or re-learning is more important that pay attention to those that aren’t intelligent enough to realize that the world doesn’t give a fuck what they think so they would be better off just being quiet.

I have done my warm ups as you saw. I have completed my first drawing in my 365 day journal and now I am going to work on my first project piece.

Not a great picture and not quite done yet but it will be.