The yearly project that I have undertaken using the owl as my subject has the option of different medium. Now to many the project should be done solely by the person whose project it is. For myself if there is a medium that better expresses itself or informs about my subject I will use it. I will be adding my own endeavor at the end of the page later but here is a poem that I hope you enjoy.

Victoria Ruth May 2014

On the winding path
I continued to follow
An owl sat perched
Old tree remain hollow

It’s eyes were wide
Piercing through me
Claws dug in
To the barren tree

Hoot hoot hoot
A steady beat
Inviting me
To take a seat

Under the owl
I took my place
Reached for a stick
To trace

My name in the mud
Rummaged through my bag
Began to take
Yet another drag

Turning to ashes
I was in the night
Under the owl
It felt just right.

walks in the woods