Yesterday, the joy and bliss of winter descended on us. Granted we didn’t get the snow in Halifax that other parts of Nova Scotia might have got we did get a wind storm to end all wind storms. Black outs, trampolines on highways, road ground up, storm surges on shorelines, cargo containers tipped over and other joys. Happy to report no deaths as far as I know. So here is what happened yesterday and why I didn’t get day 5 of my yearly project done. I also decided to change the subject of my yearly project. I know this isn’t the type of thing people put into blogs but if you don’t believe in climate change then maybe you should


Not the gentleman shoveling snow is Josh Douthwright shoveling snow at the entrance to the Federal Building on Highfield Street in Moncton, N.B., on Thursday.

The blue bldg in the bottom row, second in from the right: The roof on the Halifax Water building in the Cowie Hill area of the city was heavily damaged by gusting winds overnight on Thursday.

The 2 pics of the road in the bottom row are Queensland-beach-road.

I am not sure where the wind turbine is that is in the top right corner but man that thing looks like a toothpick someone bend just a little to far.

The lighthouse pics are of Peggy’s Cove and one of the reasons you silly visitors and even crazier Nova Scotia natives are told to stay off the black rock.

Nova Scotia Power is kicking ass and taking names in their quest to restore power to those who don’t have any. At the rate they are going it shouldn’t be much longer before we are back up and running with the lights on and the heat flowing.