images    So day two of my new subject has refreshed my head and renewed my interest in completing it. I have 363 more doodles to do and I do not feel discouraged which is a good thing for me. If I can keep it up it will be the only project like this I have ever finished and it will be the first time I have entered more that one or two posts per per 6 months to a year. I never said consistency was my forte. In fact it is definitely not a forte.

The one thing I like about zentangle or doodling is that it is abstract. There is no rhyme or reason to what I do, where I put things and the only thing I find to be a pain in the ass is shading, which is why I seldom do any. I am relearning alot about lines, shading, and other details I had forgotten all those years ago.

I am also learning how to focus, let myself think outside the box, learn that perfection of line is not important or required. No hurry no worry no stress no fuss. A refreshing change inside my head.