Details can be the small features of something that you notice when you look carefully. They don’t even have to be small they can be as big as a door, a statue in the park, the color of a house.

We have become so immune to noticing not just the little things in life but also the big things. I’ll give you an example of how not looking up and actually seeing where I was going made caused me to miss something that I walked by everyday for 4 months.

I had been working at my new job since June of 2017. I had been walking up and down the green mile 5 or 6 times a day depending on breaks, lunches, meetings, training and so on and so forth. To my mind I walked by 4 doors before coming to the 5th one that was where I worked. One day a couple in November while leaving work with 4 co-workers I spotted a door. Not one of the 4 doors I previously mentioned. Of course I stopped, looked at it and asked no one in particular ‘when did they put that door in there?’ Needless to say the answer was it was always there and I was astounded that I had spent 4 months by that time walking up and down that hall 5-6 times a day never seeing that door.

I can’t blame it on looking at my phone or tablet or even talking to others. I admit I have difficulty looking at a phone while walking because it makes me uncomfortable. I wasn’t a habit I developed. I usually only walk down that hall with others when leaving work. To my mind it is just my head focusing on what is in front of me, on the ground below me or I am driven to look anywhere else. Why I happened to notice this door that night I don’t know but I see it now just about every time I walk down the hall.

Look up from your phones, tablets, the tops of your shoes and look around at the details of the people around you, the architecture of buildings, the trees, grass, clouds. Take a moment to lie in the grass and watch the cats, elephants, boat clouds roll by. Count the stars. Look at the details and let yourself be happy.

Details make me happy especially when I can hide things in them.