My little shorty celebrated her 3rd today. Like most kids of that age she hasn’t quite caught on to what all the fuss is about. Her party is tomorrow and it should be an interesting time. She has been a ray of sunshine in my life not that her brother isn’t but there is something about her that makes you just want to follow her around so you can see what she is going to do next.

She is open, friendly, full of energy, a riot of color in a bland world. She has her moments like everyone else but you can always count on her to make you smile and laugh without even trying. Even at 3 in the morning when she knocks on your door, asks if she can sleep with you and watch Paw Patrol.


You want to see what is new, colorful, different through her eyes. Listen to her laughter and then laugh with her because your heart is happy. You want to hold her tight and never let her go because she precious. Heaven help anyone who hurts her.

Your day bounces around as you follow her into little spaces where a tiny speck no one can see but her is waiting to be discovered. You squat down checking out the ants before she decides that she needs to lower that population before you can stop her. Thank her father for that one. You discover the odd looking things in the sky, or trees. The different plants, animals, and things you taught your head to ignore.

Sometimes you think that Wonderland isn’t so far off when you see how a child sees and listen to how they explain what they see actually looks like to them.