I like to think of my life as different puzzle pieces. Since I didn’t have any idea what my puzzle should look like when it wasn’t put together I opted for 3 triangles: Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene. They are given those names because they tell you how many sides or angles are equal. You can have 3, 2 or no equal sides/angles. An equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides. Isosceles has 2 equal sides and angles. Then there is the unfortunate scalene triangle.  Who sides are all different lengths.

I figure that I started with the scalene. Everything and every day was all over the place. Some days were out of control and while others were so in control they were stifling. You were constantly learning. If you weren’t learning from someone you learned from experience. Things like how hot the stove really even though you were already told that. How high the top bunk really was from the floor. That throwing things at your younger really wasn’t a smart thing to do especially when he wasn’t fast enough to duck. The usual things we all need to learn.

The Isoceles was the next stage. I think that one last until I was 37. My career, my life and just things in general were pretty balanced and then I not only realized why my life needed to change but I also retired from the one job I loved more than anything.  Two balanced things my career and my life then my sexuality was that long pointy end that didn’t quite fit.

So here comes my equilateral. All sides the same length, same 60 deg angle and everything comfortable. New job, no partner but sexuality on par with the other two, good life. Then along comes grandchildren, more technology and fun things to learn, the family moves in with me and my beautiful equilateral triangle just became something else. Needless to say I needed to look at my life as something other than 3 pieces. So I picked the pieces up off the ground after all I can’t just leave them there and in the course of putting them on the table I realized I had another triangle. This one was bigger than the other 3 and it is now the center of my puzzle with the other pieces attached around the sides like the drawing above. The biggest pieces is the years I have left in this world before I move onto the next chapter in this universe. It is a piece full of space, color, peace, and happiness. The place and time where my life is my own that I can share with whomever I chose.

I don’t care if my puzzle fits perfectly into a rectangle with hundreds of pieces. I like the number 4. My puzzle life is just the way it should be.