My blog has been around for quite a bit but for the longest time I haven’t done anything with it. I don’t have many followers and I am not doing this to get any. I am doing this for me. It is as I have previously stated a project for my zentangle doodles. I have been adding thoughts that in my mind are reflected in the drawings I post.

This post will do the same thing but the picture is not a doodle. As you can see it is a dark, emphatically sectioned off piece of bad abstract art. Each colors can be looked at as skin color, religion, moral beliefs, sexuality, whatever you want. Sorry about the finger shadows but hey I have to hold my phone to take the pictures.

When I grew up back in the 60’s life was fun, easy with no care in the world if you were a child. I grew up in a white neighborhood, in a predominantly white town of about 65,000 people in southern Ontario. I went to 3 different public schools and I think 99% of the population of each of those schools was white. They could have been 100% I just don’t remember. My high school though was a different matter. I do know that I went to one out of the four high schools in my town. I also know that there were less than 10 children whose skin tone was darker than mine and 3 were from the same family. The rest of those kids were probably from the 6 Nations Reserve. There could have been more students of color but those 10 or so I remember.  With 1500 students I was lucky to remember those 10.

When I grew up and joined the military I moved to Nova Scotia, then off to Newfoundland where I was dropped into a world I had never seen before. Outside of the American base, yup there was once upon a time a US base in Nfld there was poverty, fishing villages, run down rusty cars and trucks and all white faces. On the base there were African Americans, Filipinos, Asian, White and a host of other colors, religions and heritages.  There was no separation of each separate group into one area that was where others like them lived. Just as there wasn’t when I was growing up but when look back on it there may as well have been a big thick line drawn around the WASP area I grew up in just like thousands of others. Then in the 70’s we had an influx of people from India/Pakistan. I don’t know which one but there sure were a lot of ugly names thrown around when they were located in a small town in southern Ontario. I didn’t care then and I don’t care now where I live, walk through, shop in or talk to people about our lives. If I make friends with them fine. If we remain acquaintances that is fine as well but I refuse vehemently to live in any place that separates people based on color, tries to force me or others to live as their beliefs feel we should.

No one not politician, king or whatever god you believe in should force you to do as others feel. If you don’t like abortion oh well that is your belief. If you don’t like homosexuals to bad that is on you. If you don’t like POC then to fucking bad get over yourself. White privilege for some means people should live in a color with a big black line keeping you with others who are like you so that they can feel comfortable living life the way that makes them happy. Life isn’t like that. You of the white privilege brigade are not entitled to live a better life that someone who is not white. Those who are pro life, anti-gay are not entitled to more rights that anyone else. Those who feel that the god they believe in hates whatever they think that deity should hate because they do need to learn that your religion isn’t the only one in existence and that you don’t get to pick and chose what to believe.

I grew up in color with a dark line around it and didn’t know it but I sure found the little white escape hatch that allowed me to leave it when I was ready. I found people who believed what I do on both sides of the line. The lines in the world are slowly being erased and countries, cultures, language, food, practices are blending, slowly shifting. Humanity will eventually meld and the lines will disappear. The faster the better as far as I can see. I see that some people in the color I grew up in believe as I do. I also know that there are quite a few that don’t and they are afraid to give up that white privilege belief system they are grasping at while lashing out at those in need. It is getting worse in some areas of the world and is being fought equally as strong by those who know that we must be better than we have been. The lines need to be erased on the map and in our minds for us to grow and be more.

Find the door. Talk to people. Learn their story. Tell them yours. Open your eyes and see with everything you are the people who are a part of you regardless of where you both started.