15 Jan 18

I have been having a bit of an issue staying on top of this project that I am endeavoring to complete. I have learned something or I should say I have had a point driven home very succinctly. I am full of good intentions but my focus is all over the place. I committed to 1 simple doodle a day and the blog where I put it. Yup sure did. I am 6 days behind.

Why might you ask is this not possible to keep up? The answer is very simple I don’t keep it simple. I add. I take away. I erase. I color. Life is like that as well. You have all the good intentions in the world and then something comes along and smacks you in the face or knocks you on your ass.

At that point most people pick themselves up, deal with the annoyance and get on with it. I have a tendency of getting up, dealing with it and then toodling off in a completely different direction than I was originally heading in. Why? I have no idea but I do. There is nothing wrong with it but some times it makes it very difficult to follow through on what I want to get done. Eventually I will get back to it but I go on walk about until I remember what I was originally supposed to be doing. I saw this video the other day and some of it is relevant to me and the way I function but I also know that I do what I do when my brain wants to and when it isn’t focused because I am enjoying something else I don’t want to lock myself into something I need a break from. I will try better. Good thing I don’t do this at work where I know I have to be structured. Which could also be why I do what I do at home. I don’t like structure and having to be structured at work is enough.

So I keep it simple yet slightly erratic at home and focus at work.

Enjoy the video.