Nothing feels like this — finishing a manuscript and sending it off to the publisher & editor. It’s a weird feeling when you’ve been pouring 8-10 hours a day into something and all of a sudden it’s done. Even after just a few hours (and two more episodes of Prisoners’ Wives), I feel strangely guilty, as if I’m supposed to be working.

You’ll notice I haven’t blogged in a while, not since my New Year’s resolutions early last month. When a book is nearing the end, there’s almost nothing that can pull me away from it, especially when it’s unfolding the way it’s supposed to. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these two ladies and their friends, to see their love unfold, to peek at them while they were having sex … What, you didn’t know?

I’m proud to introduce this one, a trans-Atlantic romance featuring a couple of…

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