imagesByron Ballard often posts about #homeliness and, since I pray to Hestia every morning, I, too, find it an important Pagan value.  Being able to feed yourself (and, if relevant, your family) healthy food on a budget is #homeliness.

Beans are an often-neglected heath food.  I admit that, although I usually liked beans when served (most often, in my family, in either chili or as baked beans), I seldom thought to prepare them until I really began to focus on my health.  Now, I eat them two or three times a week.

First, of course, beans are cheap.  If you watch for a sale, you can often buy dried beans for less than $2.00/pound.  Canned beans are a bit more expensive, but again, if you watch for a sale, you can often get quite a few meals for a few dollars.  I really like black beans, followed by pinto beans…

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