I feel as if the Earth shakes
Every time that I hear
A young life is all that it takes
For our bodies to be at fear

This feeling of depression
It isn’t my discretion
The 400 years of trauma
It’s a lot to take in

All of my people were once strong
Like the gusts of wind
Coming from the north
The sick and greedy
Always came with force

Terra Nullius?
It seems oblivious
These lands do not belong
For we were here all along

The inter-generational trauma
From the residential school era
The cycle of abuse
This pain we did not choose

When does the oppression evaporate?

Our women were targeted
Our spirituality was invalidated
How do we recover
From the reigns of Imperial power

Cultural indifferences
Was the cause
Of their inferences
Our ceremonies were banned
Churches all upon crown land


The Indian Act

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