And Nancy Pelosi.

And Hillary Clinton.

And every other woman who’s ever been told by men to sit down and shut up (so all of us, really).

Notice how it’s always older women who are told to fuck off?

“You’re too old and voted for the Iraq War. You need to retire.”

(In favor of a man, of course.)

(And AGAIN with the goddamn Iraq War? In the words of Elsa: “Let it GOOOOOOOO!!!!!”)

“The Republicans don’t like you. You need to step down.”

(In favor of a man, of course. Who’s not particularly down with supporting women’s reproductive rights. But who cares, right? Bitches who have sex deserve what they get.)

(And we’re basing our decisions on what Republicans like because why now?)

“You lost the election. Go into hiding for the rest of your life. Oh, and maybe learn to knit while you’re there.”


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