Educate yourself. Ask questions. Be better. Ask how you can be a better friend to your indigenous friend(s).


When I was 18, I drove my friend’s truck into a snowbank in a field in the middle of the night. We were joyriding, laughing, driving around with our pyjamas and blankets. Well, we got stuck – it was a big snowbank. We could see the farmer’s lights in the distance, and my friends wanted to walk over for help. My white friends – all blonde and blue eyed.

I refused to leave the truck, and I hella refused to go into some farmer’s yard. At that time, I didn’t have the words to explain to them that it was dangerous for me to go there. That farmer’s lights did not equal safety to me. For me.

The next morning, they walked to the farmer’s house and got help.

I stayed in the truck.

I share this story because this isn’t a new phenomenon. We all carry stories like this. We…

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