We do hate the poor and always have. We have blamed them for their lot in life. We accuse them of being lazy, taking advantage and so on and so forth. Yet we are the ones who raise prices on goods. Cut back on jobs. Cut back on this and that. Yet it is always the fault of those who are in need the most. A rather sad testament to our humanity.



“What are you saying, Mrs Whatsit? We don’t hate poor people! We feel bad for them and help them with government programs and charity!”


Then why is our minimum wage still only $7.25? It’s purchasing power was highest in 1968 (which is before I was born, and I’m not young), and it’s declined by almost 10% just in the past 9 years. By the way, if you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks of the year (that is, you take NO time off whatsoever for any reason), at $7.25, you’ll earn $15,080. Could you live on that for a year?

Then why do we require drug testing to get public assistance? Studies show welfare recipients use recreational drugs at much lower rates that the rest of the population. (Could that be because RECREATIONAL DRUGS ARE EXPENSIVE? Hmmmm….)

Then why do we require single mothers with children to…

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