Far to much of people’s culture is lost in enforced and even voluntarily assimilation. I love the idea of reclaiming something that had left a hole in who you are you never knew was there until you got it back.


Today, I would like to share a recent project that I conducted through my research position at the University of Alberta. Under the guidance of Dr. Adam Gaudry and the partnership of my Jijuu Mary Effie Snowshoe, I researched the value and importance of place names. I took that research further by reclaiming a traditional place name in the North and then created a poster entailing my research and sharing my findings.

Prior to this project, place names were something that hadn’t even crossed my mind. One main concept that I took away from this project was how we as Indigenous people once had traditional names in our mother tongues for the places that we once resided and still reside to this day.

For example, my home community, which is now called Fort McPherson, was once called Tetlit Zheh. It was only once the settlers and trade routes were formed…

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