The ignorance and intolerance of the so called Christian community, whether it is fundamentalist/evangelical or not, is absolutely mind boggling. So many youth in the US commit suicide and suffer from mental health issues in part because they have no recourse or ability to reach out due to the antiquated, fear mongering. They are not homophobic because they do not fear they are assholes hiding behind a book of fairy tales and they refuse to question to learn.

Women and Words

Well, gang, I told you this campaign experience would probably give me lots more to write to you about and I was right. maxresdefault

Last week, a local school board announced an addition to its anti-discrimination policy that would allow students to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity. The school board decision was an effort to comply with state law and to provide an inclusive environment for transgender students attending their school. The board sent a letter out to parents explaining the policy in the middle of May, indicating the change would take affect next school year. 

It didn’t take long for things to get ugly. A call went out over social media for those against the school board’s decision to descend upon the next meeting to express outrage. They decided to wear green to identify opposition to the policy. 

This particular district has the…

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