I have read 3 of the 6 (Little Dip, AmberEye and Unexpected) and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Women and Words

A reader’s perspective on making hard decisions. 

This month Ann Etter started off the Reader’s Perspective with an awesome blog on favorites. Awesome because, well it’s Ann and everything she does is awesome, but also because she actually narrowed her extensive list of book’s read into a list of favorites!! (Check it out here!) Not only did she blog about it, she did a guest show on The Lesbian Talk show and shared again! (check that out here!) For me, the idea was such an intimidating one, that I passed on listing mine last week. This week, though, I think I found a cheat around. Instead of choosing a list of favorites from all the LesFic I have read over the years, I thought I would highlight a list from the books I’ve read so far this year. How hard could that be right? HARD! Seriously! But alas…

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