Yahoo News Doxxes Businesses Contracted For Child Internment Camps

The data reviewed by Yahoo News was for a contract vehicle called “Shelter Care for Unaccompanied Children 2022.”
This included 10 different contracts for up to approximately $92
million that were awarded to five different vendors starting in
September 2017.

Comprehensive Health Services Inc. (CHSI), a Florida-based company that
touts its experience with “immigrant shelter services” received the bulk
of the contracts. According to GovTribe, the company was awarded three
contracts worth up to about $65 million.

Dynamic Service Solutions, a Maryland firm, was awarded a contract worth up to $8.7 million from HHS

Southwest Key Programs was awarded two contracts through the vehicle in
September 2017 worth up to $1.8 million each for “emergency shelter

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the government is set to pay Southwest Key over $458 million
this fiscal year. Southwest Key’s website went offline on Tuesday
evening shortly after the stories from Bloomberg and Yahoo News were

Dynamic Educational Systems, a subsidiary of the Arizona firm Exodyne,
was awarded a pair of HHS contracts worth up to approximately $5.6
for “emergency shelter operations.”

The fifth business with contracts through the HHS vehicle for “shelter
care for unaccompanied children” is Virginia-based MVM. According to
GovTribe, the company was awarded two contracts worth up to $9.5 million
in September 2017 for “shelter operations” and for unspecified
“emergency and other relief services.” Earlier this month, the Daily Beast reported
MVM was looking to fill a number of positions, including a compliance
coordinator to work in San Antonio on the “rapid deployment of an
Emergency Influx Shelter for unaccompanied children.”

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