you fools. the reason baldi is the best tumblr sexyman we’ve had in a while is because he’s super ugly

i have a hard time wrapping my head around fanbases where the character everyone’s gravitating towards is way too handsome to a creepy degree like that dude from villainous or the onceler or jeff the killer or something, yknow, shown to be very conventionally and generically attractive in most art, fanmade or not, and i always have alarm bells go off in my head whenever i see characters fitting that “ultra sexy scary cartoon man” description making the rounds since i have bad experiences with being in those fan circles as a teen. i don’t trust like that, blah blah blah, you get it


this guy, though? he’s just some goofy math teacher. a bunch of polygons in the shape of an edutainment game mascot.

yeah he’s the VILLAIN obviously but the game is self-aware and ridiculous enough that he’s a lot more more cartoonishly scary rather than actually horrible and abusive like those aformentioned characters or how other people’s tryhard interpretations attempt to spin the game’s vague plot

baldi is literally the modern horror game equivalent of i.m. meen and i think that’s amazing