Just going to leave this here!

Of fucking course.

Superman, the embodiment of American Values, the beacon of Conservatism and Americana.Being used to push a political agenda that is the complete opposite of who he is as a character.

Just to be expected. Superman the embodiment of conservative American values can’t be a conservative or believe in conservative values in today’s world.Because GOD FORBID Superman stand for something!

Rather than flowing with the tide of the liberals who own the rights to him!

You don’t know a goddamn thing about Superman. He was never a conservative you twit.

I’m gonna blow this guy’s mind when I tell him the ethnic background of Superman’s creators

How do you get ignorant enough to *miss* the backstory behind Strange Visitor from Another World?

I honestly thought that the stupidest Fake Geek Boy bullshit I’d ever see was that twit who told Scott Snyder that he didn’t think Batman (BATMAN. BAT FUCKIN MAN) should have an “Anti gun agenda”

But no

I was wrong

Apparently the most hillariously idiotic Fake Geek Boy Bullshit I’m going to see in my lifetime is someone seriously thinking that Superman would be a Republican 

DC’s heroes are not fucking Republicans. Because DC’s heroes believe in truth and justice. Not in torturing children, raping women and brutalising and abusing minorities.

If the Republican party is looking for a DC character that is like them  I suggest they consider characters like Dr Psycho, Bloodsport or the Baron Blitzkrieg. They have a lot in common with the Republican party, in that they are also depraved repulsive rapists, fascist warmongers and worthless racist sacks of shit

Also Also

It’s impossible for a character to have “Conservative Values”

Because conservatives have no values

Because fascism, homophobia, rampant misogyny, frothing at the mouth racism and a willingness to let Donald Trump fuck your wife while he makes you watch so long as it means you stay in the White House aren’t what I or anyone else with a brain in their head would call values

Republicans have the “Values” of a cockroach. They also have about as much right to exist and about as much good or decent to offer the world or the human race as a cockroach

Maybe he’s thinking of Red Son, the Elseworlds story where Superman worked for Russia

The worst part is though that even that version of Superman, raised in the time of Stalin’s gulags and the atrocities of Stalinist Russia, was still not portrayed in the actual printed story as being AS EVIL as some of the people who have sought election as Republicans in the past year

Though to be clear that isn;t me saying that Red Son Superman is a good person

It’s just me being horrified that Actual People Running for Election are worse