There is nothing wrong with being aromantic or asexual spectrum. You are not harming anyone by being a-spec.

You are not harming anyone by using the split attraction model to describe your identities.

If demisexual, aroflux, or cupioromantic are words that help you better understand yourself and better navigate relationships, then there is nothing wrong with using those labels for yourself.

It’s okay if you use a-spec labels publicly and it’s okay if you identify with them and keep that private.

If you identify as a-spec for the rest of your life, that’s fantastic. You never have to give up the language and labels that give you comfort and help you understand yourself.

Or, if one day, you find that you don’t need those labels anymore, or you find that different labels fit you better–then it’s okay for you to change them.

Changing labels doesn’t mean that you were wrong, and it doesn’t mean that the labels were bad–all it means is that you’ve come to a greater understanding of who you are. And that is excellent.

Labels are tools intended to serve us, meant to connect us. You don’t ever have to make yourself fit a label. It’s okay for you to change and grow.