pride aesthetics

Gay: the sky is endless, full of possibilities and light. the air is thin up here, and runs through your sunlit feathers like a whisper. you spread your wings, muscles flexing, and other men raise their arms to shout for you, to cheer. leap from the cliff, and you are no Icarus. when you leap, you fly.

Lesbian: moonlight and the woods. you run with the briars whipping at your legs and you howl like the night is running with you, and your voice is met with the howling of the women around you. you are hungry, and you are wild, and you are so full of joy it cannot be smothered, until you fall and the others collapse around you in a tangle of limbs and laughing.

Bi: tires on the road and the engine humming. you’re kicking up dust and sunset in the rearview mirror and your hands hot on the leather of the steering wheel and you’ve got room at shotgun for someone else but you don’t know who, yet, figure you’ll find out along the way. you have so much time, and so much freedom. any future you choose is looking bright.

Pan: you’re rib deep in saltwater and possibilities, can taste them when you breathe, and it’s cold but not too cold yet. oysters in the water and you breathe deep and dive, hair in your eyes but your hands fumble for the shells and when you rise, you pour them out on the wooden deck and heave in a big glad breath of sea air. one of them, at least, has a pearl in there somewhere, and any of them could be the one.

Trans man: the armor on your chest and the sword on your hip and your strong and callused hands resting on the hilt. you are not tall but you are tough reliable, your smile easy. you’ll fight any dragon that comes your way like you have fought many dragons before, and when you walk through the streets the people shout the name you chose for yourself and they call you also hero.

Trans woman: you are oak and pine and aspen, you are blackberry bushes and brambles. you are the forest and the forest’s queen, and birds shelter in your boughs, foxes in your roots and rabbits in the earth. there are offerings aplenty on the altar of your heart, tribute and gift made in awe-trembling hand. breathe in deep, and the earth breathes with you. breathe out music.

Nonbinary: take the sun for your midnight crown, fill your mouth with nebulae. the universe is infinite, or you would not be able to fit within it, you are so vast, vaster than any cage or iron that could ever be constructed. when you blink, the world shivers, and any star in the galaxy would burn itself out to win your favor.

Ace: your feet stamp in the puddles to thunder like a drum beat, and you spin with the wuthering wind. lightning like a light show flashing spotlight on your dancing and your hair is dripping. you sing out breathless and drowned by the storm, and there is nothing that could be greater than this.

Aro: the crows cackle in the treetops and they are crowned with gold, fill your hands with glimmering and things to eat. you know all of their crow-strange names and the crows, when they see you, call yours. you have fingers and not feathers but you are family all the same, and you have seen the downy chicks in their nests. there are feathers in your hair.

Polyam: river water spills through your cupped hands like your boundless love and leaves behind flecks of mica and fool’s gold. river water runs through your hands and there are hands beside you and hands beside those hands and between the lot of you every drop of water will run between your hands on its way out to the sea, and you are not alone. you will never be alone.