Something that I truly find exhausting is when leftists who’ve never had to work the kinda job that grinds you down assign a special type of wisdom or valor to people working those positions…

“Oh the working poor have low voter turnout because they’re too smart to fall for it!” No you fucking nerd, that waitress isn’t choosing to abstain from voting because she doesn’t believe in capitalist democracy. She doesn’t have the time or energy to even consider it because she’s got three kids she’s trynna provide for, her job won’t give her a set schedule, and her youngest is home with lice.

Free time that can be devoted to registering, researching candidates and issues, figuring out where your polling place is, arranging child care, getting there (especially if you don’t have reliable transportation) waiting in line, all to check a box… when so many people in these positions who HAVE Medicaid haven’t gotten that weird pain in their chest looked at because they don’t have time to set aside and to miss work for the appointment.

Acting as if it’s a measured decision or like… political praxis! instead of being the result of having to prioritize what is most immediately affecting their lives (and things STILL falling through the cracks, because there’s not enough hours in the day and too much week at the end of the money) does nothing except, ironically, ignore the toll being taken on these people. And the obsticals deliberately set up to reduce access TO voting for these same workers.

You’d think ‘both free time and energy are commodified under capitalism, and these commodities are deliberately kept from certain segments of the population in order to make them easier to control’ wouldn’t be something you’d have to explain to communists and socialists, but here we are.

Also, for all your obsession with the working poor, you’re a real shitty tipper.