can you please explain how the fuck “demisexual” is supposed to be an identity. just because you have a preference on how far into the relationship you wanna fuck someone, don’t mean you can make up some dipshit identity for yourself


I would love to explain myself to you! I just hope that you actually read it, since I’ve explained it to people like you many many times on this blog! 🙂

Being demisexual is not ‘having a preference on how far into the relationship you wanna f**k someone’. That’s celibacy, or abstaining from sex. That is…a CHOICE. someone can make about when they WANT to have sex in a relationship.

Being demisexual is NOT a choice. it is simply how our brain works. Just as someone is gay or straight or bisexual or any other orientation. We have NO sexual attraction at all, until a very special bond has formed. We don’t choose who this bond forms with, or when. And until our bond has formed we are essentially asexual.

Thank you for reading, and I really hope other exclusionists can read this and at least attempt to understand. We are people, we are real, our existence is not a point of discourse. -mod Jay