Alternative headline:

“White people seek sympathy after refusing to pay rent for 8 years.”

The article goes on to wring more sympathy from their settler audience by  referring to a “700% increase,” which would seem outrageous and unworkable to anyone paying market rent on literally anything.

However, tucked away a bit further, we see that the rent went up from THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS A MONTH to 391.

and then, because apparently 391 dollars for a fucking lakefront lot is just way too much, they refused to pay their rent for almost 10 years, and this wrinkled old sack of settler entitlement has the gall to call it expropriation.

White entitlement is a fucking trip. If I refused to pay my rent, I guarantee that I wouldn’t be able to squat in my apartment for 8 fucking years.

Family evicted from waterfront lot after dispute with First Nation over unpaid lease | CBC News