hey everyone! buckle up cause this is gonna be a wild ride

  • Don’t throw us under the bus (and erase aroaces!) with the “Aces can love too!” rhetoric. It’s dehumanzing and harmful to the community.
  • If you run an ace blog, please have an arospec person on staff! They’re really not that hard to come by and will help you avoid aromisia!
  • The A in LGBTQA+ is for aromantic, asexual, and agender. (more here)
  • If you’re going to answer questions about arospec terminology like QPR’s, please do your research by either talking to actual aros or reading up on what we say about it on blogs/websites run by aros! Inaccurate definitions are harmful to both of our communities.
  • Listen to and accept feedback from aros! If we tell you you’re somehow being antagonistic (even if it isn’t on purpose), please listen to us!
  • Don’t use aspec to only mean ace! And when something applies to both aces and aros, mention us too! But please don’t tack us on to the end of very ace-centric posts and pretend that counts as representation. (more here)
  • Instead of telling us that we’re valid (which we already know), try to question the way you think about the world around you so that you are actually welcoming to aros! The word valid also has an extra sting because there was a lot of “you’re valid but not lgbtq+” going around. (some posts about amatonormativity here, here, and here)
  • Please boost our voices! Alloromantics are more likely to listen to other alloromantics when it comes to things like this, and your reblog can help us reach and educate more people.
  • And last but not least, approach discussions with good faith. Don’t assume the other party has negative intentions! Driving the aspec community apart isn’t good for any of us.