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15 Jan 18

I have been having a bit of an issue staying on top of this project that I am endeavoring to complete. I have learned something or I should say I have had a point driven home very succinctly. I am full of good intentions but my focus is all over the place. I committed to 1 simple doodle a day and the blog where I put it. Yup sure did. I am 6 days behind.

Why might you ask is this not possible to keep up? The answer is very simple I don’t keep it simple. I add. I take away. I erase. I color. Life is like that as well. You have all the good intentions in the world and then something comes along and smacks you in the face or knocks you on your ass.

At that point most people pick themselves up, deal with the annoyance and get on with it. I have a tendency of getting up, dealing with it and then toodling off in a completely different direction than I was originally heading in. Why? I have no idea but I do. There is nothing wrong with it but some times it makes it very difficult to follow through on what I want to get done. Eventually I will get back to it but I go on walk about until I remember what I was originally supposed to be doing. I saw this video the other day and some of it is relevant to me and the way I function but I also know that I do what I do when my brain wants to and when it isn’t focused because I am enjoying something else I don’t want to lock myself into something I need a break from. I will try better. Good thing I don’t do this at work where I know I have to be structured. Which could also be why I do what I do at home. I don’t like structure and having to be structured at work is enough.

So I keep it simple yet slightly erratic at home and focus at work.

Enjoy the video.



My people, the Tsilhqot’in, were traditionally nomadic people. Because we were nomads most of the things that we owned had practical value. Our art was used to adorn clothing, basketry, and practical items. Prior to contact, art was not something behind a glass case or hanging on the wall. It was something we interacted with on a daily basis. Everyone had the capacity to create art and most people did in some form or another.

During the period of time that our material culture became commodified and our subsistence culture became criminalized, people made items to sell to non-Tsilhqot’ins. I’ve seen some of these items in the Museum of Anthropology, including items made by one of my great grandmothers. I’ve held some of her items.

I know on an intellectual level that if it weren’t for colonialism, I would have learned the art of basketmaking, and to hold…

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In honour of moving forward in the New Year, I’ve asked our collective to share a few words about their favourite images looking back over our past year, and if they were willing to share, what their creative goals are moving forward. 

Come February, tea&bannock will be celebrating two full years as a collective. As our lives are busy with post secondary schooling, old and new business ventures, love, friendship and family, we’ve definitely slowed down and learned to pace ourselves in this digital storytelling platform. Finding the right words and editing the images we want to share takes special space in our hearts. Breathing deep and laying our successes and stumbling blocks out into the wide open space, and trusting that our community will connect with the ideas we’re sharing – it’s powerful and humbling, and we thank you so much for being part of our lives. It’s a constant learning experience. 

Happy New…

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Just because we live north of the 49th parallel doesn’t mean we don’t have the same issues we are just better at putting on that polite facade. Dr King should be required reading for everyone.



Monday, we honor the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Given recent events, I feel compelled to quote this passage from his Letter from a Birmingham Jail (and I do recommend reading the whole thing if you have a few minutes):

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds.

Dr. King had such a profound effect on bending the arc of the moral universe towards justice that, in November of 1983, Ronald Reagan signed a bill sponsored by Representative Katie Hall (D-IN and a black woman, of course, because they pretty much seem to be…

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Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for a doodle to look the way it ends up looking. There are days that they look like sections of a garden that is bursting with life. Other times it looks like a delicate design that would need a small puff of breeze to destroy it.

Some have a multitude of colors some have none.  The Alice in Wonderland look takes over my hand some days and then I just sit back, look at what I have drawn, then close the book because it is done.  Fantasy, reality or whatever just have fun.


Children’s birthday parties need a stress reducing drawing

My little shorty celebrated her 3rd today. Like most kids of that age she hasn’t quite caught on to what all the fuss is about. Her party is tomorrow and it should be an interesting time. She has been a ray of sunshine in my life not that her brother isn’t but there is something about her that makes you just want to follow her around so you can see what she is going to do next.

She is open, friendly, full of energy, a riot of color in a bland world. She has her moments like everyone else but you can always count on her to make you smile and laugh without even trying. Even at 3 in the morning when she knocks on your door, asks if she can sleep with you and watch Paw Patrol.


You want to see what is new, colorful, different through her eyes. Listen to her laughter and then laugh with her because your heart is happy. You want to hold her tight and never let her go because she precious. Heaven help anyone who hurts her.

Your day bounces around as you follow her into little spaces where a tiny speck no one can see but her is waiting to be discovered. You squat down checking out the ants before she decides that she needs to lower that population before you can stop her. Thank her father for that one. You discover the odd looking things in the sky, or trees. The different plants, animals, and things you taught your head to ignore.

Sometimes you think that Wonderland isn’t so far off when you see how a child sees and listen to how they explain what they see actually looks like to them.



My blog has been around for quite a bit but for the longest time I haven’t done anything with it. I don’t have many followers and I am not doing this to get any. I am doing this for me. It is as I have previously stated a project for my zentangle doodles. I have been adding thoughts that in my mind are reflected in the drawings I post.

This post will do the same thing but the picture is not a doodle. As you can see it is a dark, emphatically sectioned off piece of bad abstract art. Each colors can be looked at as skin color, religion, moral beliefs, sexuality, whatever you want. Sorry about the finger shadows but hey I have to hold my phone to take the pictures.

When I grew up back in the 60’s life was fun, easy with no care in the world if you were a child. I grew up in a white neighborhood, in a predominantly white town of about 65,000 people in southern Ontario. I went to 3 different public schools and I think 99% of the population of each of those schools was white. They could have been 100% I just don’t remember. My high school though was a different matter. I do know that I went to one out of the four high schools in my town. I also know that there were less than 10 children whose skin tone was darker than mine and 3 were from the same family. The rest of those kids were probably from the 6 Nations Reserve. There could have been more students of color but those 10 or so I remember.  With 1500 students I was lucky to remember those 10.

When I grew up and joined the military I moved to Nova Scotia, then off to Newfoundland where I was dropped into a world I had never seen before. Outside of the American base, yup there was once upon a time a US base in Nfld there was poverty, fishing villages, run down rusty cars and trucks and all white faces. On the base there were African Americans, Filipinos, Asian, White and a host of other colors, religions and heritages.  There was no separation of each separate group into one area that was where others like them lived. Just as there wasn’t when I was growing up but when look back on it there may as well have been a big thick line drawn around the WASP area I grew up in just like thousands of others. Then in the 70’s we had an influx of people from India/Pakistan. I don’t know which one but there sure were a lot of ugly names thrown around when they were located in a small town in southern Ontario. I didn’t care then and I don’t care now where I live, walk through, shop in or talk to people about our lives. If I make friends with them fine. If we remain acquaintances that is fine as well but I refuse vehemently to live in any place that separates people based on color, tries to force me or others to live as their beliefs feel we should.

No one not politician, king or whatever god you believe in should force you to do as others feel. If you don’t like abortion oh well that is your belief. If you don’t like homosexuals to bad that is on you. If you don’t like POC then to fucking bad get over yourself. White privilege for some means people should live in a color with a big black line keeping you with others who are like you so that they can feel comfortable living life the way that makes them happy. Life isn’t like that. You of the white privilege brigade are not entitled to live a better life that someone who is not white. Those who are pro life, anti-gay are not entitled to more rights that anyone else. Those who feel that the god they believe in hates whatever they think that deity should hate because they do need to learn that your religion isn’t the only one in existence and that you don’t get to pick and chose what to believe.

I grew up in color with a dark line around it and didn’t know it but I sure found the little white escape hatch that allowed me to leave it when I was ready. I found people who believed what I do on both sides of the line. The lines in the world are slowly being erased and countries, cultures, language, food, practices are blending, slowly shifting. Humanity will eventually meld and the lines will disappear. The faster the better as far as I can see. I see that some people in the color I grew up in believe as I do. I also know that there are quite a few that don’t and they are afraid to give up that white privilege belief system they are grasping at while lashing out at those in need. It is getting worse in some areas of the world and is being fought equally as strong by those who know that we must be better than we have been. The lines need to be erased on the map and in our minds for us to grow and be more.

Find the door. Talk to people. Learn their story. Tell them yours. Open your eyes and see with everything you are the people who are a part of you regardless of where you both started.


I like to think of my life as different puzzle pieces. Since I didn’t have any idea what my puzzle should look like when it wasn’t put together I opted for 3 triangles: Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene. They are given those names because they tell you how many sides or angles are equal. You can have 3, 2 or no equal sides/angles. An equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides. Isosceles has 2 equal sides and angles. Then there is the unfortunate scalene triangle.  Who sides are all different lengths.

I figure that I started with the scalene. Everything and every day was all over the place. Some days were out of control and while others were so in control they were stifling. You were constantly learning. If you weren’t learning from someone you learned from experience. Things like how hot the stove really even though you were already told that. How high the top bunk really was from the floor. That throwing things at your younger really wasn’t a smart thing to do especially when he wasn’t fast enough to duck. The usual things we all need to learn.

The Isoceles was the next stage. I think that one last until I was 37. My career, my life and just things in general were pretty balanced and then I not only realized why my life needed to change but I also retired from the one job I loved more than anything.  Two balanced things my career and my life then my sexuality was that long pointy end that didn’t quite fit.

So here comes my equilateral. All sides the same length, same 60 deg angle and everything comfortable. New job, no partner but sexuality on par with the other two, good life. Then along comes grandchildren, more technology and fun things to learn, the family moves in with me and my beautiful equilateral triangle just became something else. Needless to say I needed to look at my life as something other than 3 pieces. So I picked the pieces up off the ground after all I can’t just leave them there and in the course of putting them on the table I realized I had another triangle. This one was bigger than the other 3 and it is now the center of my puzzle with the other pieces attached around the sides like the drawing above. The biggest pieces is the years I have left in this world before I move onto the next chapter in this universe. It is a piece full of space, color, peace, and happiness. The place and time where my life is my own that I can share with whomever I chose.

I don’t care if my puzzle fits perfectly into a rectangle with hundreds of pieces. I like the number 4. My puzzle life is just the way it should be.



Some people when they draw a Zentangle will use the 01 pen and up for emphasis of line strength and width. I like the 005 because I like a more delicate look for some of my drawings. Still need some work on shading as well.

It sounds more like growing up. Need some of this, more emphasis on that, should take a class to remind myself how to that whatever that is that I need practice on but have forgotten about. At least with my doodles I don’t expect perfection. I have not however taught myself that expecting perfection in my life every day is a ridiculous thing to do. I am my own worst critic.

I do however really like this drawing.

‘Joseph Campbell meant something very specific by the phrase. It comes from one of the last interviews he did, in which he said: “If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.Oct 2, 2014′  (


Your life until you are settled within yourself may take winding roads, twists and turns, suffer road blocks and even the occasional hanging by your fingernails wondering how the hell you got here moments. But, if you hang on long enough all of those little things once you get them all together can make a wonderful picture that you can look back on once you have reached your bliss and say yup, I did it. I was not quite lost. I was blind there for a bit or a wtf.

Some dreams may be as impermanent as the pencil markings in the drawing above, it isnt finished quite yet, while others may be minor goals accomplished along the way that help the overall picture of your bliss come to fruition. Whatever they are when all is said don’t stop reaching for that one thing you have always wanted never lose track of your bliss. Life is a one time thing. Never reaching for your bliss or trying to live it will become another bucket list add on.

Just think about how much fun it will be when you look at the picture your life became because you strove for and achieved your bliss. It will be better than ‘I should’ve done this or that. Follow your bliss.