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Pink Petals



Like pink snowflakes  Like walking into one of those storybook pictures he’d loved to look at as a child.  Like magic.  Because it was.

He found a patch of sun, a bench that wasn’t wet with dew, wouldn’t make his pants wet if he sat on it.  When he closed his eyes, the sun shone through them, turning everything a golden glow.  Still a weak, early sun, but it was warm enough to ease the old pain in his hip, to soothe the joints in his thumb and wrist.  And all around — falling on the bench beside him, carpeting the ground beneath his feet, sifting onto his shoulders like tiny wings — the pink petals turned the land to Spring.

Ever since Dave had unceremoniously thrown him out to make room for his new boyfriend, the thirty-year old with the muscles, Mauris had been “living rough,” sleeping on steam…

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In the midst of the new and traditional media coverage of the Stephon Clark shooting in Sacramento, I saw YET ANOTHER tweet about a woman killed by her intimate partner.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.37.19 PM

Kiara Brown’s murder did not get quite the volume of coverage Stephon Clark’s has.

(I am not trying to minimize police violence against people of color. Even taking the most generous interpretation towards the Sacramento police’s story and granting them credit they have not earned, since when is death an appropriate penalty for simple breaking and entering? And no, I am not saying that Stephon Clark was breaking and entering. I’m saying that’s the bullshit story the police are promulgating, and that somehow, they mistook his cellphone for a gun. And even taking that all at face value, their response was egregious.)

I wish we could march and protest for Kiara for weeks, and draw national attention to her life…

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Absolutely hilarious.

saxon bennett

My dancing career began with my shriek of indignity. I remember the moment vividly when my mother told me it was time to learn some “lady skills.” I had no idea what she was talking about as I jammed my hands in my little boy Toughskins jeans. I had to wear a dress at school, but when I got home off came the dress and the Mary Janes and on went the scuffed Converse sneakers and Toughskins. Think female Huck Finn.

I was a savage who’d just been told she was registered to take tap lessons. Let me say that again… tap dancing lessons. Where you do things with your hands and feet at the same time to the beat of the music. Needless to say, it was a disaster–a first-class disaster. Under the spotlights wearing a pink dress, Mickey Mouse ears, and shiny, black tap shoes, I single-handedly ruined…

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Thoroughly enjoyed this entire series as well. Definitely worth the time to spend reading.

Les Rêveur

Without Warning is the first book in The Shaken Series by KG MacGregor.

I love this book dearly and it was the first ever Lesfic paperback I bought (along with the rest of the series).

The book follows the aftermath of a earthquake in Los Angeles. Two women who have never met and are trapped together in a shopping mall get to know one another and develop a connection while trying to escape the rubble. Months after their rescue they meet again and begin a close friendship, that starts to develop into more… but they are from different worlds, Lily’s a lesbian and Anna is straight. Can it really work out?

Firstly I love KG MacGregors books. Period. I haven’t read a book by her that I haven’t fallen head over heels for. Without Warning is no exception. I had butterflies from the moment these two women met again after…

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I first saw the collective Indigenous Goddess Gang on Instagram with a black and white image and the words “Sisterhood is medicine” boldly highlighted. And it made me pause – look again – and smile. These women, they looked like the old pictures of my aunties.


I saw my culture reflected within, and my curiosity about this image has lead me to one of my favourite online Indigenous spaces currently. The IGG is a space filled with amazing creative beings who delve into all aspects of womanhood – culture, community, land, traditions, beauty, music, representations, power, education and so forth. There is no limit in what they will write about, and how they will support one another.

It’s all about community and positive collaboration right now, and we’re so proud to be sharing that kind of space with IGG right now. Joi and I were so excited that the IGG founder…

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Educate yourself. Ask questions. Be better. Ask how you can be a better friend to your indigenous friend(s).


When I was 18, I drove my friend’s truck into a snowbank in a field in the middle of the night. We were joyriding, laughing, driving around with our pyjamas and blankets. Well, we got stuck – it was a big snowbank. We could see the farmer’s lights in the distance, and my friends wanted to walk over for help. My white friends – all blonde and blue eyed.

I refused to leave the truck, and I hella refused to go into some farmer’s yard. At that time, I didn’t have the words to explain to them that it was dangerous for me to go there. That farmer’s lights did not equal safety to me. For me.

The next morning, they walked to the farmer’s house and got help.

I stayed in the truck.

I share this story because this isn’t a new phenomenon. We all carry stories like this. We…

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33ce1942-5a01-4f97-9309-5b9af3ca282c-getty-596727448 (1)

To Black Women

~ Gwendolyn Brooks

where there is cold silence
no hallelujahs, no hurrahs at all, no handshakes,
no neon red or blue, no smiling faces
Prevail across the editors of the world
who are obsessed, self-honeying and self-crowned
in the seduced arena.

It has been a
hard trudge, with fainting, bandaging and death.
There have been startling confrontations.
There have been tramplings. Tramplings
of monarchs and of other men.

But there remain large countries in your eyes.
Shrewd sun.

The civil balance.
The listening secrets.
And you create and train your flowers still.

Picture found here.

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We do hate the poor and always have. We have blamed them for their lot in life. We accuse them of being lazy, taking advantage and so on and so forth. Yet we are the ones who raise prices on goods. Cut back on jobs. Cut back on this and that. Yet it is always the fault of those who are in need the most. A rather sad testament to our humanity.



“What are you saying, Mrs Whatsit? We don’t hate poor people! We feel bad for them and help them with government programs and charity!”


Then why is our minimum wage still only $7.25? It’s purchasing power was highest in 1968 (which is before I was born, and I’m not young), and it’s declined by almost 10% just in the past 9 years. By the way, if you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks of the year (that is, you take NO time off whatsoever for any reason), at $7.25, you’ll earn $15,080. Could you live on that for a year?

Then why do we require drug testing to get public assistance? Studies show welfare recipients use recreational drugs at much lower rates that the rest of the population. (Could that be because RECREATIONAL DRUGS ARE EXPENSIVE? Hmmmm….)

Then why do we require single mothers with children to…

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Words for Wednesday

Poem in Praise of Menstruation

~ Lucille Clifton

if there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon          if
there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta             if there
is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion, of pain         if there is
a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel          if there is in
the universe such a river          if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild
pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave.

Picture found here.

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I love radishes and great information



Consider, if you will, the radish.  While lots of once-obscure vegetables seem to come into fashion and now get a lot of attention — think kale — the radish remains obscure.  In America, the radish is famous (or perhaps infamous) for having made Scarlett O’Hara sick when, famished, she ate one on an empty stomach.  Once in a while a slice of radish shows up in a mixed salad and, even less frequently, radishes may make up part of a crudités tray.  But they’re hardly anyone’s go-to vegetable and when was the last time you saw them on a restaurant menu?

But radishes deserve a better reputation and a more prominent place on our tables.  First, they are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals.

Radishes are a very good source of vitamin C . . . helping to rebuild tissues and blood vessels, and keeping bones and…

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