Octopoid by Forest Roger

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a PSA for the naysayers and encouragement for those who need it. mostly the latter rather than the former, but for those who needed the PSA:

you’re welcome.

※ photos taken

May 2018 at Tokyo Rainbow Pride. see more at


Tessa Thompson as Bianca in Creed (2015) dir. Ryan Coogler


These are the same exact people who stood by silently and watched from their windows as their Jewish neighbors were herded away on trains to concentration camps.


(Image description: the demigirl, demiboy, demi-nonbinary, agender, diversity rainbow, black and brown rainbow, androgyne, genderfluid, graygender, and bigender pride flags with the words “being who I am is not a sin” centered in white text.)

Family, community and life couldn’t be better


One thing I found lacking while growing up was the lack of exposure to different sports. It was n grade nine that I started getting out of my comfort zone and playing sports. I was, of course, limited to school sports. I thrived in the environment though and made some amazing lifelong friends, as well as gained confidence and a quiet resolve that I didn’t know I had.

Fast forward a few years. I’m in my final year of University and my friend convinces me to go check out a “weightlifting club.” I went in not knowing what to expect but I was filled with fear and bravery and I was introduced to a new passion and love. I previously didn’t know what weightlifting was (or “olympic weightlifting”) but after training at Olympic Power and Fitness in Edmonton, I became hooked. I started posted videos on my social media and…

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