Alternative headline:

“White people seek sympathy after refusing to pay rent for 8 years.”

The article goes on to wring more sympathy from their settler audience by  referring to a “700% increase,” which would seem outrageous and unworkable to anyone paying market rent on literally anything.

However, tucked away a bit further, we see that the rent went up from THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS A MONTH to 391.

and then, because apparently 391 dollars for a fucking lakefront lot is just way too much, they refused to pay their rent for almost 10 years, and this wrinkled old sack of settler entitlement has the gall to call it expropriation.

White entitlement is a fucking trip. If I refused to pay my rent, I guarantee that I wouldn’t be able to squat in my apartment for 8 fucking years.

Family evicted from waterfront lot after dispute with First Nation over unpaid lease | CBC News

A spat over parking in a San Diego strip mall prompted a white woman to call the police on the black driver who took the spot she wanted. The black woman, who recorded the incident, said that she hadn’t seen the white woman waiting for the parking spot when she’d parked her car there, the Daily Mail reports. The white woman confronted her, maneuvering her vehicle in a way that blocked a lane in the parking …

WATCH: White shopper calls police on black woman for taking parking spot she assumed was hers

A Single Trump Appointee Was Responsible For Keeping Hundreds Of Kids Locked Up Longer


Guys, please! This is so important

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Thousands of kids were exposed to lead and more toxins in our water. It is so bad I can’t even use a slip n slide or take a bubble bath like a regular carefree kid.  

Don’t Forget Flint

Don’t Forget Flint | Bonfire



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rhode island does something right for once

Rhode Island bill would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns




If you were not sick today, this might change that. Fuck Ohio Law makers…or whom ever toted this shit onto the stage.

Yeah no… Someday when I’m a teacher, I wouldn’t do this. Fire me, and I swear to God I will sue you for everything you own.

Bless you.

Proposed law would force teachers to ‘report’ boys to their parents if they aren’t manly enough




Yahoo News Doxxes Businesses Contracted For Child Internment Camps

The data reviewed by Yahoo News was for a contract vehicle called “Shelter Care for Unaccompanied Children 2022.”
This included 10 different contracts for up to approximately $92
million that were awarded to five different vendors starting in
September 2017.

Comprehensive Health Services Inc. (CHSI), a Florida-based company that
touts its experience with “immigrant shelter services” received the bulk
of the contracts. According to GovTribe, the company was awarded three
contracts worth up to about $65 million.

Dynamic Service Solutions, a Maryland firm, was awarded a contract worth up to $8.7 million from HHS

Southwest Key Programs was awarded two contracts through the vehicle in
September 2017 worth up to $1.8 million each for “emergency shelter

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the government is set to pay Southwest Key over $458 million
this fiscal year. Southwest Key’s website went offline on Tuesday
evening shortly after the stories from Bloomberg and Yahoo News were

Dynamic Educational Systems, a subsidiary of the Arizona firm Exodyne,
was awarded a pair of HHS contracts worth up to approximately $5.6
for “emergency shelter operations.”

The fifth business with contracts through the HHS vehicle for “shelter
care for unaccompanied children” is Virginia-based MVM. According to
GovTribe, the company was awarded two contracts worth up to $9.5 million
in September 2017 for “shelter operations” and for unspecified
“emergency and other relief services.” Earlier this month, the Daily Beast reported
MVM was looking to fill a number of positions, including a compliance
coordinator to work in San Antonio on the “rapid deployment of an
Emergency Influx Shelter for unaccompanied children.”

Businesses have made millions off Trump’s child separation policy

A Different Reader’s Perspective – Kim Roberts